What Does The Name Ararat Mean?


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Ararat implies 'sacred or high land'. This name has its origin in Bible. It was a name given to a country. Noah's ark landed on one of the mountains in Ararat. The mountains referred here are believed to be the Kurdish Range in South Armenia of Turkey. In the Bible of King James, the word Ararat is translates as 'Armenia'. Ararat is a Hebrew word equivalent to Urardhu or Urartu. It was the name of Vannic or Chaldean Kingdom. The kingdom of Ararat began to decline in the seventh century BC. Later, this land of Ararat was taken over by the ancient Armenian people.

The Plain of Ararat is among the largest Armenian Plateaus. The Mount Aragats is to the north of Ararat and Mount Ararat is to the south. The southern part of Ararat is called Turkey.

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