What Is The Names Of The Compounds P2s5, n204, sni4, pcl3, and Cse2?


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That's a lot of compounds! P2S5 is known as phosphorus pentasulfide. N2O4 has the chemical name dinitrogen tetroxide. SNl4 (pictured) is also called Tin (IV) iodide, while PCl3 goes under the name of phosphorus trichloride. Carbon dilselenide is the chemical name of CSe2.

Carbon dilselenide is notable for its dreadful smell, which is why some scientists refuse to work with the substance, preferring synthetic substitutes which have the same properties.

Phosphorus trichloride is an electrophile and a nucleophile. It is also highly toxic and its production controlled by the Chemical Weapons convention.

Tin (IV) iodide is also called tin tetraiodide, or stannic iodide.

Dinitrogen tetroxide, or NTO,  is of vital use for space rocket propellant. In 1975, a leak of NTO on an Apollo-Suyuz craft caused 3 astronauts to be hospitalized.

Phosphorus pentasulfide, first synthesized in 1843, is used in the manufacture of lubricants, batteries, pesticides and nerve agents. Here's a short film about making this compound in lab conditions:


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