Minimal Perisac Collection Noted?what Does That Mean?


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This means that there has been a minimal collection of blood that has occurred due to a slight perisac hemorrhage. This is the most common abnormality to be found during pregnancy and will not have an effect on the fetus. The collection will result in vaginal bleeding, something that 25 per cent of women experience throughout the first half of their pregnancy. If the collection is minimal it is very likely that it will have no cause and any damage to the fetus and will not worsen the patient's prognosis.

• Collection. The collection of a perisac, or sub-chronic, haemorrhage occurs between the uterine wall and the chorionic membrane and will sometimes leak through the cervical canal. In some cases, the collection may strip the developing placenta away from the uterus wall. When this occurs it is likely that the damage will result in a miscarriage. This is something that only occurs, however, when the collection is a lot more than minimal.

• Preferred examination. In order to detect the extent of the sub-chronic haemorrhage, doctors prefer to use an ultrasound as the examination tool. This is because it enables doctors to see the image of the fetus and understand exactly what the situation is in the quickest way possible. Ultrasounds also do not cause any harm to either the mother or the baby.

• Limitations of the technique. Although, ultrasounds allow a quick study of the fetus to be made, it does have its limitations. The sensitivity of an ultrasound is low and varies between just two and 20 per cent. This is because the blood may pass vaginally and not be collect in the sub-chronic space. Hematomas may also appear isochoric relative to the placenta.

If there are any concerns about a diagnosis made by a doctor, it is important to seek advice from the professional who made it. They will be able to explain exactly what the situation is and how it should be treated.

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