What Does BMX Mean?


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BMX stands for Bicycle Moto-cross. The BMX is a bike that is used in this kind of sport. The bicycles are modified and used in races that are often over difficult and uneven terrain that sometimes includes purposely created obstacles. The difference between a normal bicycle and a bicycle that is used for BMX purposes is that the BMX bike has 20-inch wheels, whilst a normal bicycle will have between 26 and 27 inch wheels. Furthermore, the size and frame of the BMX bike is considerably smaller and small compared to the rider. People often mistake a BMX for a bike that is simply too small for the rider.

BMX races take place professionally and on an amateur level. They are usually on sandy tracks that have artificial mounds, though some BMX freestyle tracks allow performance stunts on even terrain or on obstacles in the street, or wooden ramps.

BMX bike frames are often made of a number of different kinds of steel, and generally in the racing category, they will be made of aluminum for a better weight. The cheaper and low end BMX bikes will usually be made out of steel. Mid range consumer BMX bikes will be made mostly of chromoly or high tensile steel. These are generally the same weight and the same strength. The high performance professional bikes however will use either generation 3 chromoly or 4130 chromoly.

The widespread and common use of the cassette hub has meant that smaller gearing on BMX bikes has become the norm. Instead of using the old 44/16 gearing that is found on most older BMX bikes, the new bikes use gearings like 36/13, 33/12, 30/11, 28/10, 25/9. For more information on BMX bikes visit your local bicycle shop. They will be able to show the many kinds that are currently available to you.
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BMX means Bicycle Moto-cross(X) a sport involving specially modified bicycles used in races over difficult uneven terrain that includes created obstacles. The difference between BMX bicycles and conventional ones is that the BMX has 20-inch wheels while the conventional bicycles have 26 or 27 inch wheels. Also the size and frame of the BMX bicycle is small as compared to the rider. The BMX races take place on sandy tracks with artificial mounds; BMX freestyle includes the performance of stunts on even terrain or on wooden ramps and obstacles on the street.
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Bicycle motor cross (x)
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Bicycle Moto Cross, it's a packed clayish track lots of jumps, turns, and berms, and in the US it is 1200 feet long!
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Bicycle motor cross(x)

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