What Does The Artistic Word Composition Mean?


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Composition is the placement or the arrangement of the elements of the work or art. The basic objective is to select a proper place and place the correct elements within the piece of work in order to render the ideas and the feelings to the one who views the works. This is the most basic and foremost element in drawing and photography.

One needs to consider the following visual elements while doing a piece of work. Firstly the line of the work piece or the visual path should fit in to move within the piece. The shape should be considered. The value of the art piece is very important. The texture and the colour are also to be minded. The size and direction are the other two main aspects. The foremost is the perspective.
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Composition means what something is made from.

it means group of compounds

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It means that when you eat cheesecake, your belly blows up because it thinks its funny

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