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Composite simply put, means "compound." It implies a substance made of distinct but interrelated components. The word finds its usage in many avenues of life. Scientists are known to categorize materials into three different classes: metals (known for their toughness and stiffness), plastic (light and inexpensive to manufacture) and ceramics (known for being good electrical insulators and resistant to corrosion and heat. In recent times, scientists have invented material that do not primarily fit in the traditional classification, and have a new set of properties. These are composite materials, a blend of materials from different classes that have different properties which are modified or better from the conventional group. Fiber is a good example of composite material. A composite of resin and glass fiber also known as the fiber glass, is ideal for the construction of the bodies of automobiles,. The composite material has the low weight of plastic and the durability of glass fiber

In maths, a composite number is an integer that is greater than one. In movies or a literary piece, a composite character is single character with traits of two more characters from the story. The composite index in financial parlance refers to indexes or equities combined in a uniform manner to find changes in the price level of the stock market or measuring sectoral or overall market performance.

Composite also refers to a plant in the family Compositae, whose plants have little flowers packed together so closely into a cluster that they look like a single blossom. A face composite is a likely depiction of the face given by an eyewitness.
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A random material made up of all the different classes with different properties so it can do it's job properly x

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