What Does The Name "Sebastian" Means?


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Sebastian is a male name of Greek origins. It is generally a boy's first name though rarely it is also used as a surname. It is word which means majestic and revered in the Greek language. Sebastien a variant of Sebastian is a very popular name in France. It is pronounced as se-BASS-tian. It was originally a name for a place in Greece but later became a name for males.

St Sebastian is a very famous by this name. He was a saint in Christianity who belonged to the third century and is known as the patron saint of soldiers specially the military. Another literary character by this name was a character in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night. He was the twin brother of Viola, the female protagonist in this play.
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Sebastian is name for baby boys. It is a name which is credited with Greek origins. It is pronounced as se-BASS-tian. The meaning of this name is revered or respected when translated into English. This name is well-known since the ancient times and has existed since Roman Empire but it believed that initially this word was a name for a place. This name is popular as a first name but it is also very common to find people with Sebastian as a surname also.

Sebastian is also a name for a person who lived in the third century and went on to become a patron saint of soldiers. This saint is believed to have hailed from the place named Sebastian. It is name that is also found in many works of literature. The twin brother of Viola in the play named "Twelfth Night" was named as Sebastian. Another person famous by this anme is the Track star Sebastian Coe.
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I like it and I like that it means intelligent. I did not know it meant patron saint of warriors.

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