Do You Know What Your Name Means?


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Yes I know what my name means, it means a "gift from God" and I am quite satisfied with my name. But you are right in the sense with the meanings are not accurate or justified with the image of the person.
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I think that names do have some impact on your life but my 1st name means hollow  and I'm actually smarter than most of the people my age. I like my middle name, it means victory of the people, and I like to think that my being advanced for my age gives me small measures of victories
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Sarah meaning (It is of Hebrew origin, and its meaning is "princess").
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I don't know what mine means....Karie.
I do believe your name does have an impact on your life.
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Yes my name is Colleen.  It quite literally means "girl" in Irish it's TECHNICALLY not an Irish name at all!  No Irish person would even name their child "girl!"
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My parents actually gave me this name because they said that to them I am their PRINCESS,so my name is SARAH^^
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Yes I do know what my name is loll. My name suman means good heart in my mother tongue, a flower in Hindi.
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My name actually has two meanings but I like the Italian one a whole lot more.
Italian--- fiery beacon
English---the burning of wine
you can see why I prefer the first one more.  I totally agree with you on the meaning not representing the child.  My meaning kind of does but the Numerology behind it only has a few bits that match me (  My dad named me after a song by Looking Glass"--"Brandy" although they spelled mine with an "I" instead.  Weird part of it is that I'm actually a lot like the girl in the song.  Creepy.
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Yes I know the meaning of my name. Maryam means PURITY and I do believe that names have great impact on our lives. My heart is crystal clear like my name.

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