What Does The Name Wilcox Mean?


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Wilcox (sometimes spelled Willcox or occasionally Wilcocks) is one of a number of English names based on a combination of a given or Christian name (in this case, William) and the ending cox (rooster.) The ending probably began as a friendly nickname and resulted in names such as Alcock (derived from Alfred or Albert.) and Hancock (derived from Hankin, a medieval form of John.)

William itself is an Old French (Germanic) name derived from the the Germanic words wil, meaning "Wish, or desire" - the origin of the modern word will - and helm, meaning "protection" (literally, "helmet.") Although now a well known English name, it was unknown in England before it was brought from Normandy in the Conquest of 1066 - as the name of the new King, it quickly became very widespread in 11th century England, and has been a royal name ever since - Prince William will be the 5th king of that name.
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The name Wilcox like many Welsh names starting with Will comes from the name William, and has its origins in England, around Oxford, and Cambridgeshire.
Since names have been recorded for a census, starting in the 16,00s, this name has appeared.
Often children were named for their fathers so Willcox could have been the son of a William, like the names Wilson and Willis.
If you are really interested in your families genealogy, you can investigate it through parish records, with the assistance of one of the many societies that exist in Britain.
You could start with your parents and grandparents, whose details are easy to find, and then go back in time, creating a family tree. There is a web site called Family tree and one called The Parish Chest. that you could do this with.

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