What Does The Name Kim Mean?


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The name Kim is an English name which is usually short for Kimberley; it means 'ruler or leader'.

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When looking for names to call your children you should have a look online. There are many different sites that you can use to look for a name for your child. Most of these have many different features. You can search for different name meanings or for names that have particular religious origins. You will also be able to search by letter so that you can look for a name that begins with a particular letter. If you do not want a name for your child that begins with a certain letter, you can skip through these pages and find something you will be happy with. Some sites will also show you how popular the name currently is and where it stands in the leagues of baby names.

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There are many books out there that just list different names and their meanings. You can even get just boys names or just girls names and you can narrow your search down. You will be able to get a name book in bookshops, libraries and in baby and child stores.

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Friends and family are really helpful when you are thinking of a baby name. Ask them if they have any ideas or if there are any names that run in the family.

When looking for a name for your child you might want something that you can shorten for everyday use. Both books and online baby name dictionaries will tell you any ways that particular names can be shortened or if they are a shortened version of any longer names. They will also tell you of the origins of the names and how old they are.
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english old word
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Noble and good
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The name comes from many origins and so has different meanings. In old English it means Chief, Leader, Land belonging to Cyneburg; royal fortress; meadow.

It is very common Korean name. For complete information about Kim, visit the link below.
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KIM (1)
Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: KIM

Short form of KIMBERLY

KIM (2)
Gender: Masculine

Usage: Scandinavian

Scandinavian short form of JOACHIM

KIM (3)
Gender: Feminine

Usage: Vietnamese

Means "golden" in Vietnamese.

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