What Does Engagement Mean?


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Engagement is a word explaining a commitment between a couple, a man and a woman, who have decided on eventually becoming life-partners – be a married couple. And engagement ceremony has a man and a woman exchange rings, which are worn by both on fourth finger of their left hand. The man who is engaged is called a fiancé where as a woman is called a fiancée.

This word is also used for joint ventures where in two individual parties decide to engage or join efforts for a common cause. Engagement also means hiring or appointing some person for a particular job – employment.

Engagement also means a confrontation or a combat situation between of two enemies. Here it may be most suitable to use it for army combat.
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An engagement basically is a conformity or promise to marry, and usually refers to the duration amid marriage and proposal. Through this phase, a couple is said to be affianced, engaged to be married, or just engaged.

It is believed that the notion of an engagement phase may have started in the year 1215 at the Fourth Lateral Council, led by Pope Innocent III, which diktat the "marriages are to be announced publicly in the churches by the priest airing a suitable or fixed time, so that if legitimate impediments exist, they may be made known."

Where as the contemporary Western structure of the practice of giving or swapping engagement rings is conventionally is thought to have started in the year 1477 when Maximilian I, who was the Holy Roman Emperor, presented Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring as an engagement gift.

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