What Is The Difference Between Ms And Mrs.?


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Mrs means you are married, ms means you do not want to declare your status. This is because it doesnt seem fair that men don't have to do declare it, MR could be married/ unmarried, but women do with Mrs or Miss so they use the alternative of Ms  . The one above me is completely wrong
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The title Mrs. Is the proper title for a woman who is married. The title Ms. Can refer to both a single woman, and  woman in general who prefers not to disclose her status. (It can apply to both the married and unmarried woman.)
On the other hand, the title Miss, refers solely to a single woman.
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Both Mrs. and Ms are terms used to address women, but there is a difference in the use of both the terms.

Mrs. is a term coined to refer to a lady who is married. It originated from Mistress – the title given to the lady of house. In the 17th century though the title split into Mrs. and Miss or Ms where, Miss was used to address the young unmarried woman or in modern language a spinster.

However in today's modern society, the term Mrs. has almost become archaic and Ms is widely used to address women of all ages whether married or not. It is not of anyone's concern to know the martial status of a woman. Besides Ms is a universally accepted term.
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Ms.= Not Married Mrs.=Married
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Ms. Means your single and Mrs. Means your married
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'Ms.' is used when the woman IS NOT married. 'Mrs.' is used for a woman THAT IS married.

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