What Does Somatic Mean?


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Somatic is an adjective that describes something pertaining to the body. It may used in reference to something that affects the body. It may indicate something that is related to the body cavity's wall, or alternatively may indicate something related to that portion of the vertebrate nervous system, which regulates voluntary movements. It may also allude to something that is relates to somatoplasm or the somatic cell.

A somatic cell is any cell of the body which is not a reproductive cell (germ cell). Somatic mutation is a genetic change that is not inherited, that takes place in a somatic cell. It is also called acquired mutation. Somatic Gene therapy is a form of treatment wherein genetically engineered genes are inserted in to somatic cells. Somatic damage refers to cellular damage, generally a product of exposure to radiation, which causes a person to develop serious ailments like cancer.
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Somatic is something relating to, or affecting the body. Especailly the body as considered to be seperate from the mind.
A somatic cell is any body cell except germ cells.

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