What Does Tamper Mean?


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The word tamper is used as both as a verb and as a noun. The verb to tamper means to play around with (something, such as a document) or to alter (something) or falsify (something). Tampering is usually done very secretively and/or in a dishonest manner. It also means to meddle with something or to intrude in the business or affairs of other people. To tamper is to interfere (in something in violation of the law), usually unwontedly.

To tamper also means to tamp or to use a tool which is known as a tamper and is used for the purpose of tamping. The word tamping is used to describe the act of putting the tobacco into the bowl of a pipe, the act of putting a charge into a drill hole or the act of packing fresh espresso coffee into the basket of the filter, which is held by the portafilter.

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