What Does Solitary Mean?


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I think lonely!
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Solitary is anything or anyone who exists in solitude. It may mean someone who lives or manages alone like for instance 'After her husband's death she lived a solitary lonely life'. It may mean something that is remote or secluded like for instance, 'He refused to buy that house as it was too solitary for his taste'.

In science, in particular physics, a solitary wave is the solution of a non linear differential partial equation. A vireo solitarius is a small songbird found in North America. It has a blue head and a green body.

Solitary confinement is a punishment where a prisoner serves his sentence without any contact with any other people including his fellow inmates and excluding guards. It is usually given only to rather dangerous criminals who have been found guilty of heinous crimes.
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Wow this defines me as well this is the same meaning of my name
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Solitary just means to be by oneself. It can be experienced differently by different people. Some people enjoy a lot of solitary time. While others can't stand it.

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