What Does Steward Mean?


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There are many definitions of the word steward, but they all mean kinda the same thing:  A "minder".  A steward can be a ship's officer, in charge of stores, and arrangements for meals.  A steward can be the male equivalent of a stewardess on a plane or a ship.  A steward can also watch over than lands of a lord (landlord), in his/her absence.  A modern tilt on the last definition would be a management company interviewing, doing credit checks, etc., on a person or family wanting to rent a house or apartment owned by someone who doesn't want to deal with the trivials.  The owner just wants to own the property and hires a management company to manage the property.
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A steward is a (male) person who manages the property or other affairs of someone else. The word steward is also defined as the officer on board a ship who is in charge of the provisions and the arrangements for dining. A steward is also an attendant on board an aeroplane.

A shop steward is defined as a member of a trade union or a labour union. He represents his fellow workers in negotiating with the management of the organisation he and his co-workers are working for. A steward is another word for a custodian that is a person who has the charge of buildings, grounds or animals.

The feminine form of the noun steward is the word stewardess. Stewards and stewardesses perform a variety of professional roles. The word steward also refers to the man who is responsible for running the day-to-day affairs of a castle in the absence of the lord.
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In aviation, flight attendants, initially recognized as sky girls, air hostesses, stewardesses or stewards are part of a flight crew employed by airlines to guarantee the wellbeing of passenger aboard commercial air lines.

The main duty of a steward or flight attendant is to take care of the problems and help them out. The function of a flight attendant usually ultimately derives from that of an identical positions on passenger ships or passenger trains. Moreover the work of a flight attendant revolves around security to a much larger extent than those of comparable staff on other types of transportation.

Flight attendants are generally trained in the centre or headquarter city of a particular airline over a period of time which may last anywhere between six months to six weeks, depending on the country.
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The designation of steward is used in many professions. Most recently the role of the steward has become increasingly important in the airline industry. In fact there have been many instances of stewards playing a role in the security of the airline. Due to heightened awareness of gender discrimination and in an effort to standardize to the max, airlines are dropping the designations of air-hostess and host in favor of steward.

Historically the designation was given to someone who was in charge of the staff of the royal household. The steward would be the man-Friday of the Lord or Baron. Elite restaurants use the designation of steward for someone who waits on the guests. Project managers of large technology companies have been called steward because of the large number of employees under them for the duration of a particular project. There have been many literary references to the term 'steward' as someone who the main protagonist can count on at all times.

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