Where Does The Last Name Moore Come From?


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The sir name Moore is said to have originated from three different locations, Ireland, England and Scotland. According to the Irish tradition, the name has its roots in the Anglo Norman invasion and is said to be derived from the word ‘O Mordha’ which means stately or noble. According to the English tradition, this name is topographic, given to people who lived near moor lands and the families were first found to be living in Leicestershire. According to the Scottish tradition, the name again is said to be topographic and was given to people living in Moor lands. They were found to be living in Ayrshire. The motto of the Scottish family was ‘I am not disheartened by difficulties.’
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My husbands last name is Moore, and he has Jewish orgins. When the 12 tribes left that migrated to England from the moor lands and thus received their surname.

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