What Does Rhinoceros Mean?


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Rhinoceros a large, thick skinned animal found in Africa and South Asia that has one or two horns on the nose. It is also known as a rhino. It is any of five existing group of odd-toed ungulate in the family Rhinocerotidae. They are all natives of Asia or Africa. They are massive, very powerful and herbivorous by nature. It derives its name form two Greek words rhino which means nose and ceros which mean horn. Thus literally translated it means horn-nosed. Rhinoceros are an endangered species.

They all weigh more than one tonne; have a horn on their foreheads and a very thick protective skin. Their skin is made up of layers of collagen located in a lattice structure. They possess very acute sense of hearing and smell but lack good eyesight. They live for a life span of 50 years or so generally though some live for many more years. Bull is the name for a male rhinoceros while a female is known as a cow and its young is called a calf. A group of rhinoceros is known as crash. Though they are herbivorous they are one of the deadliest creatures known to mankind

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