What Does The Bible Name Hosea Mean?


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The term Hosea meaning "Salvation of the Lord", basically was the son of Beeri. He was also a prophet in Israel during the 8th century BC. He is said to be one of the twelve small Prophets of the Jewish Hebrew Bible, the Christian Old Testament.

We know virtually nothing regarding the life or social position of Hosea. On the basis of the book of Hosea, he was married to a prostitute Gomer, who was the daughter of Diblayim, at God' Command. He resided in the Northern Kingdom during the period 740-725 BC.

Hosea's family life replicated the disloyal relationship which Israel had created with Yahweh. Hosea is over and over again seen as a "prophet of doom", but behind his message of destruction is a sign of restoration.
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The name Hosea is a name for a male that has a mostly Biblical usage. It is derived from the Hebrew name Hoshea which means 'salvation'.

Hosea was the name of a minor prophet in the Old Testament and also the writer of the Book of Hosea. It was written in the Northern Kingdom, and describes his correlation with his adulterous wife, drawing parallels with the correlation between God and his people.

According to his Book, he wed the prostitute Gomer at God's order. Although he resided in the Northern Kingdom, it is not sure whether he witnessed the ruin of Samaria.

Hosea is frequently regarded as a 'prophet of doom', but within his message of obliteration is a vow of re-establishment.
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