What Is The Definition Of Qualitative Observation?


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The definition of qualitative observation is described as either an activity of a human being who receives knowledge from the outside world through sight, sound, smell touch and hearing. It also refers to the recording of data using scientific tools. The observation part is defined as the way people literally observe or look at something.

So, for example, it could be the way we look at a football - saying it's round is a qualitative observation or maybe a daffodil which is tall, yellow and healthy is also a qualitative observation.

An observation in philosophical terms is the procedure of filtering sensory information directly through the thought process. The input again is received via the five senses, namely hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch, but it is then analysed rationally or irrationally.

For example, you might see a parent smack their child. The action you have observed is a good or bad one. Then you will able to deduce what type of behaviour this corresponds to, good or bad.

As time goes by it is the actual impressions stored in the consciousness about many related observations, coupled with the resulting relationships and consequences, which allows the individual to build an image regarding the moral consequences of this behaviour.

It is about drawing final conclusions, as well as developing your own opinions about how you may deal with similar situations in the future, rather than thinking something has happened and I don’t know what to do about it. Instead of acquiring a tremendous amount of knowledge from past experiences one must also consider that observations are to be handled as a continuous process of learning.

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Qualitative observation-Means using our sensory channels like eyes,tongue,nose and describe the quality,characteristic like shape,color,texture and size of na object

quantitative observation-are experience in terms of mass volume or number of an describe how much of it is there are measuring device are used
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Well, there's qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative means it's a quality you observe through the senses, like it's yellow, warm, tall, stinky or bumpy. Quantitative would mean things that are measurable according to others' recordings, like it's 3.2 cm long or it weighs 15 grams.
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Example of qualitative and quantitative

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