Where Does The Name Hamilton Come From?


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This is a fairly common surname in English-speaking countries; the actor George Hamilton is an example. As a given name it is mainly used in the US, perhaps initially in honour of prominent 18th century politician Alexander Hamilton, who was Treasury Secretary for George Washington and was instrumental in establishing the US political and financial system.

The name started as a place name, a village called Hamilton or Hameldune in Leicestershire; it comes from Old English words meaning "flat-topped hill." From this it developed into a surname, which was then introduced to Scotland in the 13th century. A Scottish family called Hamilton became very wealthy and powerful over the following centuries; there was even a Duke of Hamilton. Even today there is a town in Scotland, near Glasgow, which is called Hamilton after the family (not the other way round as is often supposed.) As a given name, though, Hamilton has always been rare outside the US.

Famous bearers of the name include the late US novelist Hamilton Basso.

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