What Does Perjury Mean?


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Perjury is basically an act where one lies on purpose or makes a full proof false statement under pledge or even a pronouncement in a court of law. It could also be any statements that are given in writing. Perjury is a big crime since the witness is supposed to tell the truth and somehow makes false statement which could be accepted as the truth. This is considered to go against the law of the courts and hence is a very big crime. Perjury can even put an innocent into trouble.

In the United Kingdom a witness is generally asked to swear on the bible or even a holy book. If in any case the witness does not believe in religion or even in that case does not wish to swear has to make a statement of truth.
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Perjury refers to the willful giving of false testimony under oath or affirmation,before a competent tribunal, upon a point material to a legalinquiry.
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If the irs writes you a letter and they wants you to fill out a declaration statement and the statement starts off like this "under penalties of perjury" will you get n trouble for not answering back

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