What Is The Meaning Of Shrutika?


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Shruti means Sound...
So SHRUTIKA can b Sound frm God.. Or  it is also meant as Good Listener
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Shrutika means 'not none' or it can be interpreted as 'all' or at least 'some'.
It can be an Indian name as Indian names have a lot of meaning and significance behind them. The bestowal of a name to a new born happens after the auspicious ceremony of 'Namkaran' where all family members gather together and the priest decides the first letter of the name based on stellar position during the birth of the child.

Now the name is decided unanimously and almost always conveys a definite meaning, or has a mythological link behind it.

Few words are very close to Shrutika and have different meanings. If we add an 'h' we get the name Shruthika which means Hindu goddess Parvati. Parvati is the wife of Lord Shiva and is an emblem of power and purity.

Shruthi is another word which has a lot of significance in Indian classical music. Indian classical music is composed of 'Swaras' and Shruthi. Shruthi means musical microtone, pitch or intonation. Another spelling Shruti means the knowledge of Vedas.
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Shrutika the daughter of lord shiva and parvathi

Balija Matrimony

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