How Do We Define An Objective?


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An objective is an aim or a goal intended to be attained. It is believed to be attainable. It is also known as object. When someone is said to be objective, that person is non-judgmental and free from any sort of personal bias whatsoever. An objective person is based purely on phenomena that has actually been observed. It is not distorted by emotions.

An objective serves as or indicates the object of a verb or of certain prepositions. They are used for certain specific purposes. Objective people tend to perceive things as they observe them and then emphasise them or express them in the clearest manner possible.

An objective account of something is made only when it is not distorted or ambiguous, when there are no personal feelings involved, when the matter is one hundred per cent truthful and not fictitious, and is not open to several different interpretations (most things are, but an objective description of something is crystal clear and there is no chance of doubts or gaping holes creeping in, which have to be filled in later by others.)

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