What Does Monera Mean?


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Monera is an biological kingdom.the Monera kingdom are the most plentiful out of all five kingdoms. The first kingdom was of bacteria.The second division of the blue-green algae.It recently considered the Prokaryote kingdom.The Monera was too diverse of a kingdom is considered as a single kingdom.

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Monera is an outdated biological kingdom. It was proposed by Haeckel. It comprises of most of the living things with a prokaryotic cell organisation which includes bacteria and archaea. The kingdom was also called as Prokarvotae. Originally they were considered as two different kingdoms or divisions of plants.

The first kingdom was of bacteria or Schizomycetes which were considered to be fungi. The second division was of the blue-green algae or the Cyanophyta. The recent developments have only considered the Prokaryote kingdom. This kingdom had two sections the Bacteria and the Archaea. The discoveries continued and were endless. Later, it was decided that Monera was too diverse of a kingdom to be considered as a single kingdom on serious notes.
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Monera is a name in Arabic it means shiny or glow .. ^^

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