What Does Forum Mean?


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Forum means a public meeting place for open discussion.
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forum is a public meeting place open for discussion on various
topics. An online forum is sometimes called a bulletin
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A forum is where people have discussions on the internet about a wide range of topics. Forums are also known as message boards, bulletin boards, discussion groups, etc.

To be able to place posts on a forum, you must register and become a member. Once you are a member, you can place posts, edit posts, begin a new topic, contact other members, and have your own avatar. You can also personalise your posts by having your own signature at the end of each post, though some forum administrators and moderators may prefer you to only use your signature a certain amount of times.

Forums are run by administrators, with the help of moderators. Administrators have the option of banning members, creating new members, changing the look of the forum, closing the forum and other duties. Administrators will set rules for forum members to follow. If users do not abide by these rules, then they will either be warned by a moderator, or banned, depending on the extent of the rule-breaking.

Rules can vary. A common rule is that users should stick to the topic that is being discussed. Other rules may include using correct spelling and punctuation and users only placing one post at a time instead of double or triple posts.
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It is basically a discussion group
via online :)
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Forum comes from Ancient Rome - this was a central open space where people gathered and discussed important matters of life.

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