What Does Forensic Mean?


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The word forensic means "pertaining to or used in a court of law." Anything which merits a public discussion, argument, or an analytical debate is also said to be forensic. Forensic usually relates to the implementation of technology and science for investigating and establishment of facts and evidence before the court of law. The word owes its origin to the Latin word forēnsis, which means "relating to a public forum. "

A popular branch of criminology called "forensic science" deals with the application of medical science to legal issues. With the aid of forensic finding, it is easy for the lawyer to strengthen his case against the criminal. In an autopsy or post-mortem, the forensic medicine can find out the cause of death and the underlying reasons and conditions under which the death took place. Forensic science looks for clues in the victim or the suspect and finds out the real story behind the crime. Cues like blood, hair strands, fingerprints, DNA sample, semen etc are used in forensic science to determine foul play and track the criminal in charge of a rape, murder or such other inhuman activities. A forensic study can, in many times differentiate a suspect from a person who is guilty of crime.

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