What Does Avatar Mean?


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Do you see he picture next to your username, and mine? That is the avatar. To change that, you scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on 'my account', it will take you to the page where you can select an avatar that best represents you, or you can click on browse if you have pictures save that you might want to use. In the window that appears, click on a picture, then click open, it will show up in the browse area, then click submit, and you can size the pic that you chose, and then click submit to the right of this picture, and there you have it.
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A animated cartoon that you pic to represent you on any web site that it is allowed.
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An avatar is a cartoon, maybe 3D, version of you
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According to Hindu mythology, an avatar basically is the incarnation of a superior being. The expression is applied mainly in Hinduism to address the incarnations of Vishnu whom a lot of Hindu followers worship as God.

But the concept of avatar has been given many different meanings over the period of years; according to the modern world an avatar basically refer to a unique look which an individual carries. It's generally not that difficult to create an avatar, all you have to do is choose what goes best with your body.

People trying out new avatars generally try to wear clothes as well as accessories, which are quite different from the current trend, with the main idea to look different and intellectual and to create a new avatar and also to set a trend. Always remember that the mantra to create an own avatar is by keeping in mind what looks best own you.
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Avatars are icons that are used by internet users usually to represent themselves. Avatars are used in instant messaging, forums, chat and games.

Avatars in forums are used to represent the user when they place posts, and are usually quite small. Forum contributers may use their own avatar, in other words, one that they have created themselves, or they can obtain the avatar from somewhere else. Avatars can also be images from movies, where users have added their own captions, or it could a piece of art that has either been created by the user, or they have borrowed someone else's art to use as their avatar.

Avatars can be used on Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, AIM (avatars are known as buddy icons on AIM), and other instant messaging programs.

Like forum avatars, instant messaging avatars are very small.
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I'll telll you the exact meaning of avatar. It is you in a virtual world, so say if you play runescape the character you play as is your avatar, if you have a icon like on xbox360 tht waves at you thts your avatar, so bascicaly n avatar is you but in either a dream state or in virtual gaming

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