What Does Mollusca Mean?


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Mollusca or molluscs or mollusks refer to the large and varied phylum Mollusca. They include a diversity of familiar animals that are well known for their use as seafood or for their decorative shells. They include snails, octopus, clams, etc. Out of all these, octopus is the most intelligent invertebrate. They comprise of about 120,000 species among the phylum. They are triploblastic protostomes.

The most important body cavity is a blood-packed hemocoel. Their body is mostly divided into the following parts a head along with the eyes or tentacles, a visceral mass which shells the organs and a muscular foot. They also have a fold of the exterior skin lining the shell which is called the mantle. Hey use their muscular foot for motion. All class of the phylum Mollusca encompass an entire digestive tract that commences from the mouth to the anus.
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This phylum is one of the largest phyla of animal kingdom as it has about 50,000 species. They are found in aquatic ant humid habitat. Mollusca is a Latin word means soft. Their body is soft so in most of the animals an external shell is present for support and protection. Some animals have internal shell and some are without shell. They are also known as shell fish. Their body is quite complicated. They use their muscular foot for locomotion and they respire through gills.

Most of them are used as human food. Pearl buttons are made from their shell and these animals form pearls. Examples are snails, fresh water mussel, cuttle fish and oyster. Fresh water mussel is found on the banks of ponds, streams and rivers. This animal is about 8 cm in length, 2 or 3 cm thick, 4 or 5 cm broad and slightly pressed from sides. Its body is covered with two piece calcium and its body is soft and thick.

It has a muscular foot on its lower side for locomotion. Snails can be found in wet places and in gardens. Most of the species are marine. They range in size from microscopic to 60 cm in length. Its body is enclosed in a calcareous wiled shell. This shell has many compartments, last one is the largest and snail lives in it.

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