What Does Obligation Mean?


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Obligation is ones responsibility to do any certain task. The Presidents obligation to the United States of America is to keep standard of living as high as possible in his country and to protect it from war and economic failure.
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Obligation refers to a "duty or compulsion." The act of adhering to a social, legal or moral duty is known as an obligation. One is required to follow a particular course of action based on an obligation. The synonyms of the word "obligation" are requirement, compulsion, commitment, contract, debt, responsibility etc.

The obligation or the line of responsibility for a person in higher authority is usually more than the one who is lower. It is primarily due to the fact that a great amount of responsibility follows a great amount of authority. For example, the minister of a particular state has a higher amount of obligation to perform compared to the common man. However the common man also has his own set of obligation, wherein he has to abide by the laws of the state(legal obligation), take care of his family(moral obligation) and work in a conducive manner without causing problems socially(social obligation.). Legal obligation refers to a legal agreement specifying a course of action to be performed or payment to be disbursed, especially if the agreement mentions the penalty for non-compliance. The word "obligation" entered popular English literature in the later part of the 13th century.
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Usually means duty or something you have to do.
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