What Does Nocturnal Mean?


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Synonymous with nighttime,  the word ‘nocturnal comes’ from Late Latin ‘nocturnālis’, which means "belonging to the night”.  This words modern English definition is as an adjective:

1. Of or pertaining to the night as opposed to diurnal
2. Done, occurring, or coming at night: Nocturnal habits
3. Active at night: Nocturnal animals
4. Opening by night and closing by day, like certain flowers
5. Noun: Archaic - an astrolabe for telling time at night for determining latitude by position of certain stars in reference to Polaris. 

Nocturnal has been around for centuries in one form or another and has far more history and use than some recent linguistic additions. 

Nocturnal is an example of a well traveled word.   Consider that the same word (or a modern variant) is still used in the age of computers as in the ancient Roman times.  Comparably few words carry across as many nations and cultures while holding their meaning and basic compositions.  Nocturnal is always related to something to night, be it condition, behavior, pattern or astrological measuring device. 

A nocturnal animal is simply an animal that sleeps during the day and does their moving about and hunting at night.  Many nocturnal animals have developed specialized sight and hearing to compensate for the low light conditions.  There are also flowering plants that bloom only in the night.  ‘Night jasmine’ is a popular southern US favorite night bloomer.  There are many other night blooming flowering plants that outdoor entertainment designers take advantage of.  Have you ever seen a midnight garden in full bloom on a clear night?  Midnight gardens are best suited to night owls that love to entertain and the outdoors.  There are many considerations to planning a midnight garden and a little planning goes a long way. 

The word nocturnal can invoke fear when paired with animal or visions of beauty when paired with flowers.  Simply because it means night, it will bring forth whatever you feel of night to the forefront of your mind.  If nocturnal invokes pure joy, you’re a night owl looking for a party, have fun!
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The term Nocturnal refers to an animal that is active only after dark. A nocturnal animal sleeps during the day. It is the opposite of a typical human schedule. However there are some exceptional nocturnal species that area active at both times, during the day and as well as the night. Nocturnal animals generally have the senses that are highly developed for hearing and smell; they also have specially adapted eyesight that enables them to see perfectly in the dark of the night.

In various Zoo's the enclosures of the nocturnal animals are kept in special night illumination chambers to reverse their Sleep Wake cycle and to keep them active during the morning hours when the tourists or visitors make an attempt to see them.
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A animal that is awake and hunts at night!
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This means total darkness or night time like
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Well em let me think emm ok then emmm active after dark.The animal sleeps in the day.
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