What Does Masonic Mean?


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Masonic is actually a fundamental term for the Freemasonry which is a fraternal organization and its membership is obtained by maintaining a balance between moral and metaphysical ideas. This fraternity uses the metaphors of stonemasons tools also implies it at the back drop of the temple of the king Solomon.

In 21st century freemasonry has become society of secrets rather then a secret society. They have a traditional concern over secrecy. They are very good in keeping their promises. But they are out dated for various reasons might be that being stiff to there culture is a part of there traditions. There is no single united governing body which runs freemasonry.
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Ok my name is mason and I was searching on YouTube subliminal messaging and random stuff came up about Masonic things on the dollar so curious I clicked on it and the 6 or 5 pointed star comes up on the dollar so freaked out and not really thinking that this is really I try it so if you get a 1 dollar bill and int the letters m.a.s.o.n were the pyramid thing is and connect the dots it a 6 pointed star and spells my name so can you give me a answer on what that means because for two days if looked up Masonic thing to find out what it means and I'm at the same place I started I need help please I need answers so I can be at peace and not scared shitless.

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