What Does Mew Mean?


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A pink cat
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The word mew is defined as meow, which is the sound made by a cat, or any sound that resembles this. MEW is an abbreviation which stands for measure of economic welfare. Mew also means the weight of an airplane, as delivered to the operator, without the items of equipment of the operator.

A mew is also defined as a common seagull. It is native to Eurasia and the north-eastern parts of the North American continent. The high-pitched cries which are uttered by these birds, which are called mew gulls, are also defined as mews.

Mew is the name of a band that hails from Denmark. Mew became a huge success in their home country when they made their debut in the year 2003. At the Danish Music Critics Awards ceremony held in the year 2003, the band won awards for the album of the year and the band of the year.

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