What Does Methodological Mean?


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The word methodological means something which concerns the study of a method. This method may particularly be used to refer to a scientific method. The questions which are asked in contemporary methodology are concerned not only with the characterisation of this scientific method, but also whether such an individual characterisation of the scientific method is necessary. It is also concerned with whether these questions can actually do justice to the multitude of approaches and devices which are used in the process of methodology.

Methodology means something which is related to the methodology used in the study of any discipline. The phrases which are closely related to the term methodological are methodological individualism, methodological skepticism, methodological individualist, methodological reductionism, methodological materialism, methodological naturalism, methodological relativism, methodological indictment, methodological analysis and methodological empiricism. The errors of judgment, which commonly occur while using some methodology to do something, are known as methodological errors.
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