What Does Tender Mean?


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This really depends on which context of tender you mean, as there are two main definitions of tender and they obviously differ greatly.

The first is the adjective; referring to either a person's behaviour or act. The dictionary definition states tender can be "showing gentleness and concern or sympathy".  For example 'the nurse was very tender with her patient as she could see he was in great pain'.

Something can also be said to be tender to touch, for instance, if someone has cut themselves or has a nasty bruise it can be very tender - if touched it will cause pain to the person.

People also describe some meat as tender. This is when the cooked meat is easy to slice and tastes moist and fresh. The alternative when describing meat that isn't so easy to eat or cut is 'tough'.

A very different type of tender is used in the business arena. The dictionary defines this version of the word tender as "an offer to carry out work, supply goods, or buy land, shares, or another asset at a stated fixed price". This is a regular way many people conduct business and will be a very common word to most businessmen and women.
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Tender basically is a procedure by which a person can look for prices as well as terms for an exact project to be executed under a contract.

A tender offer is as a well known corporate finance expression applied extensively to address to a public, open offer by a body to all stockholders of a public traded company to tender their stock for auction at a particular price for a particular period of time. Based on tendering of a lowest or highest amount of shares, in America, tender offers are generated under the William Act.

To encourage the shareholders of the aimed company to sell, the buyer's offer price generally comprises of a premium more than the existing market value of the target company's shares.
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Tender has a few different meanings.  As an adjective it can mean to show gentleness, sympathy and / or concern.  It can also be used to describe food that is not tough or hard to chew or to describe something or someone that is hardy and not easily injured.

Tender can also be used as a verb meaning to offer or present something to someone or something..

Finally it can be used as a noun: A person who looks after something or someone ie an engine tender; a boat that ferries people and supplies to and from a ship; and a railcar coupled to a steam locomotive to carry fuel and water.
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It means simply to give up
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Tender have many meanings but commonly refers to food. Tender foods are delicious ^^ hehehe
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Tender mean is goods, material purchasing and selling in the flll business bids.

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