What Does Maggot Mean?


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The maggot basically is the larval phase of the fly life cycle, well known for consuming decomposing flesh. Usually "Maggot" is also applied to the larval phase of any type of insect.

Maggots are normally between 4 to 12 mm in extent ranging on their phase of growth. Nearly all the maggots range from off-white to light brown in colour, although some are yellow or reddish in color. Maggots usually have a pair of small hook like parts to help them in feeding, they do not have legs.

Their life cycle is made up of four periods, which is egg, larva, pupa and the adult phase. The eggs are basically placed in decaying flesh, animal dung, manure, or in large scale stagnant water, what ever has plenty food for the larva, mostly in a moist region.

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