What Does Macedonia Mean?


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There are several theories that are used by people to describe the meaning of the word Macedonia.

When it comes to the Greek mythology, the word Macedon was used as a name of the first phylarch or the tribal chief of the tribe that was initially settled in the western, central and southern Macedonia and it was they who founded the kingdom of Macedon.

But Herodotus described the origin at somewhere else and according to him Makednoi was a tribe of the Dorians and the name might also trace its derivation from a Doric adjective that means tall. This theory also seems plausible as Macedonians were considered as tall people.

Another theory the origin of which is unknown suggests that the meaning might be 'highlanders' but there is a serious debate about the possibility of this meaning.
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I don't think anyone knows what it means!  It's not what it means but what you feel that it belongs too.

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Macedonia means the land of tall people! It comes from the ancient Greek Mako which means tall and from -don- which indicates the land!

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