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Layer is usually a noun. It means, literally, a thickness of matter, usually one of several, covering a surface. For instance, in cold weather you might wear a tunic, a shirt, a jumper and a coat - altogether that would make up four layers of clothing. Or if you use blankets at night, you probably sleep under several layers in the winter (a layer can be any substance, not just material - a sandwich has 3 layers, two of bread and one of filling.)

It can also be a verb, meaning "to put or arrange in layers." For instance, there has been a recent fashion for "the layered look" where fashion magazines advise you to "layer your clothes" by wearing two or three thin shirts instead of one thick one.

A less common use of the noun is the meaning "one who lays", eg a hen that produces lots of eggs can be called "a good layer." It can also mean a shoot from a main plant, which is laid down in the soil to take root.
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  The word layer in its noun form has several meanings. If you look into the dictionary you will find the exact meaning of the word. The word layer can mean a sheet or thickness of material, typically one of the several covering a surface or body. It also means a person or a thing that lays something. It can also mean a shoot fastened down to take root while attached to the parent plant. In the verb form it may arrange or cut in a layer or layers. It may also mean to propagate (a plant) as a layer.

  You can find the meaning of layer by means of an online dictionary on the internet. You can do a search on the Google or you can also visit the Webster's dictionary. On the Webster's dictionary website you can also find how we should pronounce the word.

  If you would like to view the online Webster's dictionary click on the following link:
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