What Does Lading Mean?


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The noun "Lading" can refer to freight or cargo or the act of loading the same. It is used in the field of transportation to refer to goods that are shipped. Synonyms of the word include cargo, loading, load, freight, shipment, payload and consignment.

The word lading is "ladning" in Danish, "het laden" in Dutch, "Schiffsladung" in German, "Chargement" in French, "Carico" in Italian, "flete" in Spanish and "carregamento" in Portuguese.

The word "lading" is closely related to the term "Bill of Lading" which refers to an official document that a carrier of goods such as a shipper issues acknowledging and listing the receipt of cargo or goods that is meant to be transported along with the terms specific to delivery. A bill of lading is a legal document and forms an integral part of International Trade.

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