What Does Joule Mean?


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A joule is a measurement of energy, usually noted as kilojoules.
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A joule is the unit of work done or energy in the s I system in physics. It is the amount of work done when a body moves through a displacement of 1 metre when force of 1 Newton is applied on it.  It thus measures energy.
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Joule is the unit of energy in the MKS (Meter-kilogram-second) system. One unit of joule is equal to 10,000,000 ergs in the CGS (Centimetre-gram-second) system. Joule can be applicable to mechanical, thermal and electrical energy.

Joule can be best understood in the following two definitions according to the dictionary:

"1. Joule is a unit of electrical energy equated to the work done when a current of 1 ampere passes through a resistance of 1 ohm for 1 second.
2. Joule is a unit of energy which is equal to the work done, when a force of 1 Newton acts through a distance of 1 meter."

Joule as a unit of mechanical energy was found by James Prescott Joule. The symbol of Joule is represented by J. Incidentally Joule is also the name of a crater that lies on the far side of the moon.

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