What Does Impeachment Mean?


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Impeachment is basically a stage in a process conducted by a legislative body. In this process the legislative body considers whether to forcibly remove a government official from office or not.

Impeachment is when the charges are brought against a government official. The second stage of this legislative process is conviction where it is determined whether to remove the official from office or not.

Impeachment is a legal statement of charges that runs parallel to indictment in criminal law and might not result in removal of the official from the office.
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Generally in the constitution of many nations, impeachment is the initial two stages in a particular process for a governmental body to eliminate a government official without that particular official's will.

Impeachment is so infrequent that the word is often misunderstood; a common mistaken belief is to perplex it with involuntary removal from office. Where as it is only the lawful report of charges, paralleling a condemnation in criminal law. An official who has been impeached has to facade a subsequent legislative vote.

This concludes conviction, or failure to convict, on the accusations charged by the impeachment. Common constitutions need a supermajority to convict. A practice of impeachment was started way back in the law of England and Wales, where the method last occurred in the year 1806.
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Throwing office
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It means remove from office

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