What Is OK? Can Anyone Tell Me The Abbreviation Of OK?


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Objection killed
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OK was used as an abbreviation of "0(zero) killed"... In the past if the army came back with no man down on its own side they used to say it "OK"..meaning nobody got killed on  our side......
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Depends on your use... According to Wikipedia, proposed Etymologies include:
1. The Greek words "Ola Kala" meaning "everything's good"
2. The acronym of the "comically misspelled" oll korrect
3. The Choctaw word okeh
4. The abbreviation for the state of Oklahoma turned into a popular catch phrase in 1866
5. The Wolof and Bantu word waw-kay or the Mande (aka "Mandinke" or "Mandingo") phrase o ke

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