What's your definition of a weirdo?


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alex krycek answered
Someone who talks or dresses in an unusual style and makes no attempt to conform. A loner maybe with little or no social skills who is awkward around people. Stalkers would be weird too as they think it's okay to behave like that when it's actually really creepy.
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Maddie commented
Is it normal to write down people's classes, phone number and occasionally the address of their house and memorize what car they drive?
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max atwood answered
I am definitely a weirdo. I'm a loli loving bisexual anime otaku. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I'm 19 and have an imaginary friend, I dropped out of highschool at 18 in the tenth grade and I fantasy role play on facebook. So you, basically anyone like me.
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Arthur Wright
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Right on, brother, right on, and aint it great to be a role model
Phoebe Mertens
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You are a weeaboo.
We otaku are subtle about our anime obsession, but weeaboos take it to the extreme.
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Basically someone who acts strange and unusual, some one who is abnormal.
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Adila Adila answered
My definition of a "weirdo" is when someone breaks the barriers of social normality, and behaves in a manner different from the "socially accepted standards". So for example, not brushing your hair or teeth, is a bit weird, MOST PEOPLE consider that as a normal lifestyle.

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