What Is Definition Of A Lucky Person In Your Views?


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The term lucky person can be defined in a number of ways depending upon the context you are asking in. there are a number of different types of the human beings living in different societies. Each society set some criteria for a lucky person and a person itself also has a major role in describing whether he/she is a lucky one or not.

Near to some people they will consider themselves lucky if they have a lot of money and other luxuries of life with out making many efforts. But some people think totally opposite to it. They struggle in their lives for that they want and if they become successful in achieving their goals, they think themselves lucky.

Thus we can not define any criteria for a lucky person and an unlucky person. suppose if a person has every thing that he/she wish for , but he/she is not satisfied or nor contented in the life then how he/she can be considered as lucky one .
So, it depends upon the satisfaction of human being in my point of view that is if some one is contented, he/she is lucky near to me.
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Let's think of someone who is extremely lucky. Think of the luckiest person you know. We will find that person is usually happy, outgoing and upbeat. They know how to make the best of any situation. On the other hand, now let's think about someone we know who always seems to have bad luck. Do they complain and gripe all the time? The "Lucky" person is usually the one with the positive attitude.
It's just possible that your attitude can change your luck. We've all heard the saying, "When life deals you lemons, learn how to make lemonade." The person that turns an adverse situation into an advantage, one is sometimes looked upon as being lucky, when it was actually their attitude that brought about the luck. Without having any doubt we can believe that a person who could just change his bad luck into Luck by his ATTITUDE is the Luckiest person.
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To me being lucky is having achieved a dream or goal. But I think the luckiest people are the ones who have the love and support of their family and l feel I'm the luckiest because I have that. That's what I think luck is to me.

Be luck doesn't just happen you have to make your on luck. Yeah, maybe there are someone who have luck fall into their laps but are they really happy.

I feel the harder you work the better the payoff.
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Hi lucky person is a person who has chance or opportunity so this kind of them we say they have luck as they achieve what they want to do or like, but normally they work hard and serious to what they want or need with their honest attitude, so luck does not come for people who do nothings even some of them are.
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I don't believe in lucky and unlucky person stuff. What I say is it depends upon the perception of the person who is facing the situation.
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When something that I really wanted presents the opportunity I go for it . I've always gotten what I wanted and feel like I'm a very lucky person. So, that's my definition -seeing an opportunity and taking it.

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