What Does Induce Mean?


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Induce is defined as cause to arise. For example 'the villain induced the chaos so that he would not be caught'. It may also denote cause someone to do something or trick them into acting in a particular manner. For example ' Those pictures induced me to eat a pastry' or ' My mother induced me to buy a cell phone so she could contact me anytime' or ' His wife induced him to buy a new washing machine'. It may also denote cause to occur swiftly, for instance, 'The fever induced much shivering and weakness'. It may mean establishing something by induction. In science induce is defined as the production of electric current by magnetic or electrostatic processes.

Induced radioactivity is when a stable material is made radioactive owing to exposure to some radiation. However it must be noted that generally radioactivity does not induce material to radioactive.

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