What Does Induction Mean?


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Induction means introduction or initiation. In this case we will be looking at what induction is in terms of when you start work, why it is necessary and what it may entail.
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Induction means that someone will be accepted into some form of group, usually a hall of fame type thing.  
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Induction has several alternate definitions. It may denote some kind of initiation like a formal entry in to an office or position or some organization. For instance ' He was inducted in to the elite club' or ' He was forced to report for induction into the armed forces' or 'She made a eloquent speech as part of her induction in to the Hollywood hall of fame'.

It may also be an electric phenomenon where because of a change in the flow of current an electromotive force is generated in a closed circuit. It may also denote some form of evocation that is bringing something about before its appointed time for example 'Owing to dangerous complications the doctor induced the pregnant woman to go in to labour.' It may mean triggering off a series of events.

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