What Does The Name Rilke Mean?


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The word 'Rilke' that we often find being used as a surname is of Slavic origin and can trace its origin in the eastern parts of Germany. The meaning that you can figure out from the word is the 'son of Ril'.

'Ke' is a word that is used in the Slavic language to convey the idea of son, so the meaning that you have seen in the above mentioned paragraph is justifying itself.

The word can be found in so many other names also and some people use another variant 'ka' also. We find it in the most popular name 'Kafka' and some other names also like Krupke, Mielke, Schoepke and Renke.

When you compare the Slavic word 'ke' with the German one, it will take you to the word 'son' or 'sen' that conveys the same idea of son or descendent.

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