What Does The Name Hugh Mean?


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In English, the name Hugh means- Heart. Mind. Inspiration. Intelligent.
From old German. Derived from Hugo.. Other origins for the name Hugh
include - English, German, Welsh, French.The name Hugh is most often
used as a boy name or male name.
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This name is pronounced HEW (rhyming with new.) It derives from an Old French name of Germanic origin, Hughes or Hugo (Hugo is still sometimes used as a given name in English, or treated as a pet form of Hugh.) It comes from the Germanic word hug, meaning "heart," "mind" or "spirit." There are several other names based on this word, such as Hubert ("bright spirit.")

The name Hugh, popular in medieval France as an aristocratic name, was brought to Britain by the Normans in 1066, and has been fairly popular ever since; the Latin form Hugo was sometimes used in the Middle Ages but is now rare.

The Welsh form of Hugh is Huw, with the same pronunciation. The usual pet form is Hughie, as in the late entertainer Hughie Greene. Famous Hughs today include the English actor Hugh Grant, star of Four Weddings and a Funeral and other films.
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Hugh means intelligence in English.

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