What Does Kicker Mean?


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A kicker has several alternative meanings. Firstly it may be a protective device that is worn by a goalkeeper generally a hockey goalkeeper. It is tied over the front and the sides of his shoes and facilitates a hard high kick. Alternatively it may mean a device which is used to keep a boom from rising too high. In fishing a kicker is the term for a lager heavier bass that adds to the total weight of an angler's catch in a fishing tournament.

Kicker is also a term in the card game of poker. Here it alludes to a card in a hand of poker that does not take part in determining the hand's rank. In addition it is also another name for Shaolin's Road a video game from Konami arcade. Kicker is also a renowned German sports magazine. In Germany, kicker is also a common colloquial term for a football or soccer player.

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