What Does Cocker Mean?


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As a transitive verb, cocker means to indulge or pamper someone. By this, one generally refers to excessive indulgence. Synonyms include to mollycoddle, to spoil, to cosset or to pamper. The term cocker comes from Middle English 'cokeren'.

As a noun it is also the term for one who keeps or handles fighting cocks.

A cocker is also a small to medium breed of dog, originally bred in England. A Cocker Spaniel actually could be any one of two different breeds of dogs; the American Cocker Spaniel and the English Cocker Spaniel depending on their countries of origin. They are either commonly called cocker spaniels, or simply spaniels. The English Cocker Spaniel comes from a breed of gun dogs. The dog is characterized by its wavy, silky hair and its long frilled ears.

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